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world\'s longest inflatable water slide comes to us

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
On Friday, a inflatable water slide from New Zealand to New Jersey was confirmed by Guinness as the longest slide in the world.
Action Park in Vernon, New YorkJ.
Is the new home of slides created by Jim Hunt, who is the founder of Live More Awesome and also a New Zealander, according to the park, before imagining the world\'s longest water slide, I have no experience with water slides.
The slide is located in the ski test of the Mountain Creek Resort where the action park water park is located.
Known for its extreme water rides, this park is also the tallest and only double park in the world.
Water slide in a circular drip box, called Zero G.
\"This water slide screams \'Action Park\' and we know our resort will be the perfect home for it,\" said Bill beniyan, president of Mountain Creek/Action Park . \".
\"What\'s more crazy and crazy than flying nearly half a mile along the ski mountain on the world\'s longest waterslide?
\"The new water slide has no name yet ---
At present, it is the longest inflatable water slide in the world.
Its construction is the same as the material used in the inflatable house, by 20 100-
The length of the foot weighs 600 pounds each.
It is inflated by two generators and 15 blowers, using 1,000 gallons of water per hour.
Water snow from Mountain Creek Resort-making system.
According to the park, although the first ride on the slide was on Friday and was \"successful\", it has not yet been open to the public.
The park employees tested the ride.
A spokeswoman for the park told ABC News that the journey required national approval, which could take months.
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