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world’s wildest aqua playground -

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
How will you handle more than 20 water slides and attractions in an area?This is the reality of Dubai Water Park-Legoland Water Park, where kids and parents can enjoy some wild fun and immerse themselves in a variety of slides/attractions..Located next to Legoland Dubai, the park provides interaction among the world\'s most eye-catching rides.These include: Build-A-Here, families use Lego bricks to build their own ships in the outdoor building area and test their engineering work under the action of water flow.
Build-A-RaftFeatures has a unique concept where both children and adults have the opportunity to customize their own rafts;This is soft brick with big Lego and then float on top of the drifting River.Duplo Splash Safari is designed for the younger generation.The toddler\'s water park has four small Lego slides.
®Depot®Characters and amazing water features.The clown is immersed in the fun interactive playground, providing some slides for each family member.You can choose to wade in the pool or just enjoy a gallon of downpour, promise to immerse anyone in it every few minutes :) the two-person chaser will take you to the slides in the wading area below on these two-person bodies.
Who comes first?Totally fun-I guess!Splashing out the open body slide will speed you down 60 feet and splash you into the water below.This is a wet and wild place.Cheer up!This is the whole family!Sitting on a family-sized raft and riding along a curved track on a huge pipe is really exciting.Do Lego slide riders imagine racing on the mat slide?Will it be exciting or will it totally crash you?Find the actual situation.
The six mats here allow you to race against your friends.Isn\'t that fun?Ready to impress!If you just need to relax and enjoy the beautiful and cool breeze of the park, the Lego wave pool, step into this perfect size wave pool, the waves are gentle enough for the whole family to enjoy.Twist \'n\' spins as you enjoy the crazy endless twists and turns, you can spin thrilling slides on a double tube alone or with friends.
The body slide that the Wave Rider opens will enlarge you directly 240 feet down into the water below.Here are some useful tips for Legoland Water Park, and we will learn about some important things about the water park: ● Legoland Water Park is part of Dubai Park and Resort theme park in Jebel Ali ● There is no subway station in the park.If you don\'t have your own car, climb the red line all the way south to the last stop --UAE exchange.
It takes about 15 minutes to get to the entrance by taxi from here.Arrive at the park in advance.I know it can be tricky to walk out of the house with a large group of kids and I promise you that getting to the park early will do you wonders.No queue.You have more time to ride a bike and you beat the crowd too.
● Prepare a waterproof case for your mobile phone.Capturing so much excitement in the water park, having a waterproof case on your phone will make your day less stressful, for fear that it will be flooded.● What to pack: Swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, changing clothes, goggles, waterproof mobile phone covers, plastic bags (wet bags), Locker rental for food money, Dubai Parks and Resorts hop on a short bus trip and finally get off at Riverland and you\'ll walk to Legoland.
● If you want to avoid a bus trip, the park has a regular park parking and a VIP parking lot closer to the park.Valet parking costs 100 dirhams and 150 dirhams.If you have an annual ticket to the park, the parking lot is free in the normal Park parking lot, otherwise it is 50 AED.
The park is open from 11: 00 a.
to 5: 30 p.
every day.
There are lockers, baby rooms with microwave ovens, life jackets, lounge chairs, dressing rooms and shower facilities in the guest rooms.Locker rental fee is about 45 AED ● There are 2 shops to choose from for food-\'Brickbys\' and \'waves bistro.There are hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pizza and a variety of salads to choose from.
FYI does not allow you to bring your own food/drink to the park ● There are cabins and towels for rent.Two offers are available to year ticket holders.Below is a breakdown of the rides: The greatest advantage of the toddler rides/attractions Legoland Water Park is that even very small children can enjoy a lot of fun in the following rides and attractions: ● Duplo Splash Safari: The theme area features children-sized slides and DUPLO characters, adding to the fun of Splash and spray.
It is ideal for children aged 6 and under.● Imagination Station: children test the building skills of building bridges, dams and so on with Depot bricks.● Joaker Soaker: The children here play with high-pressure water guns of various angles, and 350 gallons of water drops every few minutes, rides and attractions throughout the family ● Build a Raft River with your architectural skills and build a Lego raft that can float downstream.
Recreational facilities and attractions suitable for teenagers.Overall, the park is a great place because it offers the greatest enjoyment for people of all ages.After coming here, you can stay here for a whole day as the Legoland Water Park offers a very interesting service so you won\'t notice it.
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AE is much cheaper than shopping in the park
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