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XGloo Makes for Excellent Event Tent

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
Any activity can benefit from having one or two tents to provide an impact as well as like check-Promotions or special events and marketing.One of the most innovative types of event tents is XGloo\'s Ice House enclosure.These tents have a wide range of styles, sizes and designs to enhance any indoor or outdoor activities.
Tents and fences provide an important pointof-Reference for the event.It needs to stand out and become an attraction for tourists.It should also be functional and easy to set upPack up.
That\'s why the XGloo system is so attractive to companies, universities, clubs or anyone who needs a fence.XGloo tent looks modern with countless design and color options for single occupancyLifted and taken.The XGloo system uses some of the bestTechnology materials that can be used to make shells.
XGloo\'s designers have used the engineering and material advances used in paragliders to design a lightweight but sturdy housing system.The product is inspired by the classic and sturdy shape of the Ice House, updated by using an inflatable holder to form a rigid and tough external skeleton.The dome shape provides ample space below without the necessary internal support.
With an electric or manual gas pump, the external inflatable bracket can be formed in a matter of minutes.The whole enclosure is fromTherefore, an external pole or wire is not required to support it.In order to maintain the safety of the structure, only one weighing system (sandbag or other) or ground pile is required.
Thanks to this unique system, the XGloo system is highly portable.Many movable tents are characterized by complex structures, many Poles and panels, and complex internal structures.These are not only difficult and time-consuming to assemble, but also important for the system itself.
Paragliding material used in XGloo is superLightweight but incredibly powerful and resistant to damage.The 6 m × 6 m enclosure weighs only about 30 kg.When deflating and folding, the entire tent can easily fit into the tote bag.
The unique external support system also means that the XGloo tent can be used as an open system (meaning that only the overhead area is covered), or if the sideAs a fully enclosed tent, the panels are attached together.This flexibility makes it one of the most versatile systems on the market.As a full tent, the space can still feel the opening and ventilation of the high inner dome ceiling.
This can also be decorated or used as a logo area.The materials used in the XGloo housing can be selected and styled in multiple colors.There are both standard and custom colors.
Inflatable side support and closed side-The panel can match any color.Design style beyond color selection;A logo, brand ID, or text can be printed to support marketing, company, or other communication objectives.Since the side panels are removable, an alternative can be printed so that the structure can be adapted to different event types.
The XGloo system is a flexible, light-weight, easy-to-build activity tent that cannot be surpassed
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