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\"you can\'t win anything with kids\"

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
There was a game in youth sports.
On the one hand, the importance of youth sports has increased, which is reflected in children who specialize in a sport when they are young.
These children spend more time in organized training than unorganized, unsupervised games, and more children learn during the year --round training.
On the other hand, organizations in many countries are revising guidelines for youth sports.
We had an Australian cricket match for young players and the Swedish football club.
Misconceptions about youth sports by parents, coaches and teachers may be one of the reasons why youth sports has become more serious.
A common misconception is that success in the youth stage is a prerequisite for success in the old age stage.
Recently, in the context of track and field sports, more than 130,000 performances during the period from 2005 to 2015 were studied.
Only a few (
Male, 9%;
Female, 13%)
Among the top 20 senior athletes, there are also the top 20 under 13 (U13)stage.
Of the top 20 people under the age of 13, only 13 percent are still in the top 20 of the 20.
Of the top U13 athletes, less than 30 percent are still listed anywhere in the national rankings by the U.
These results are not limited to young athletes who perform well.
The examination of a wider range of sports population showed that the performance of an age grade predicted poor performance of subsequent age grades until 17 and 20 were compared at the earliest.
In addition, the results of the study show that those athletes who succeed in the U20s are usually not the best performers like the U13s.
There are several reasons for this poor relationship between youth and later success.
Focus on one: relative age.
In order to provide an appropriate level of competition for all, children are often assigned to specific groups according to their age --off date (e. g. January 1st).
An unexpected consequence of this era
A seal refers to an individual born shortly after the seal.
There is no proportional success in dating.
The Age in chronological order, and the growth of the different numbers it represents, have a huge impact on who wins a youth track and field medal.
In athletics, our results show that the best-performing U13 male sprinter is 14 times more likely to be born than in the first three months of last year.
Female Sprinter under the age of 13 is six times more likely to be born than in the first three months.
This study draws on the data of the British track and field competitions, and there are some important differences in the track and field structure in Ireland and there.
In the UK, the national age group competition starts at U15 with indoor competition (
And their related years. round training)
And from this age group.
In contrast, the most recent featured event was for children aged 11.
A month ago, the 90-year-old took part in a 60-meter dash, shot, long jump and a 300-meter long run.
While these events may provide a brief
There is growing evidence of excessive seriousness (i. e.
National level, year round)
For children, events can be bad for their long term
As the recent guidelines have made clear, the term \"participation and health.
Moreover, as our research has shown, success in this young age has nothing to do with a longer period of time
Semester achievement.
There are many potential benefits for children participating in competitive sports.
For as many children as possible, to get these benefits, it is vital that children\'s competitive sports are not a large-scale sport
Downward version of adult sports.
Instead, customized children from Australia to Sweden --
A central version must be designed to ensure that youth sports are suitable for children.
In track and field, initiative is a good starting point, using team competitions and obstacle courses to lay the foundation for track and field sports in an appropriate way of development.
On the basis of the review, here are four suggestions for parents, coaches and managers to think about to ensure that the experience of their children is optimal :(1)
Put the game back into the youth movement, including inside and outside organized meetings. (2)
Ensure that children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports.
Ensure that children get breaks from every organized movement each year (
Up to 6 months;
No restrictions on backyard games). (4)
Postponed the selection of development teams to adolescence.
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