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young girl dies after being thrown from \'exploding\' bouncy castle

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
A young girl died after being dropped from an inflatable trampoline, which exploded on the beach. Eye-
Witnesses described their fears when they saw the little girl in a pink dress, believed to be only four years old, and when the inflatable exploded she threw 20 feet into the air.
The rally in the goleston beach play area, south of Greater Yarmouth, Norfolk, was blocked yesterday and police are investigating.
Curt Johnson, the owner of the game area, was not at the scene and said the trampoline exploded \"because of heat.
Norfolk Police were called to the scene at 11.
At fifteen o\'clock A. M. , it was reported that a child was \"thrown out of an inflatable castle \".
The ambulance arrived within 4 minutes, and the child with cardiac arrest received CPR at the scene.
She was taken to James padit Hospital two miles away and died soon.
Her family has been notified.
Witness Carla Longshaw said: \"I just saw the most terrible thing of my life.
On the beach, an inflatable castle exploded, and the children were ejected into the air about 20 feet.
Please pray for the four-year-old who was rushed to the hospital 15 minutes after CPR.
Karen Selle said: \"I heard the biggest explosion and turned around at once.
I spoke to someone who described how the girl was thrown into the air about 20 feet and landed on the floor.
The bouncy castle is like a trampoline, so you can jump a lot higher on it than normal.
Ann Weaver said: \"I was sitting next to the back of the fence and I just heard a loud noise and I turned around and a little pink girl flew up and down.
They gave her CPR right away.
She looks a lot younger than four. years-old.
Brandon Lewis, a Tory MP for Greater Yarmouth, wrote on Twitter: \"absolutely tragic, family and friends have ideas, too sad.
\"Bounce About advertises £ 2 on the trampoline for 5 minutes, and there are 15 minutes of meetings on other inflatable toys, £ 3 per session.
On the Internet, the family business rents rodeo bulls, inflatable castles and bumper cars from £ 50.
Their \"feature\" inflatable products are marketed as \"not like your normal inflatable castle\" with a minimum of 12 m by 5 m. 5m.
Curt Johnson, owner of Bounce out, said it was the company\'s first major accident.
He was not at the scene, but said: \"After this terrible accident, I express my condolences to my family.
I don\'t know the whole story.
I think it\'s an inflatable trampoline.
He told the Mirror that the inflatable device exploded \"because of heat.
The Met Office Observatory near Weybridge recorded 19 times.
Eleven o\'clock A. M. today.
The owner of an East Anglia inflatable toy company, who asked not to be named, said that Mr. Johnson and his wife either personally supervised the children on the inflatable toy or hired a supervisor.
He said that Bounce of has been operating on Gorleston Beach for more than a dozen seasons, with castles and slides expanding in the summer and safely closing and storing in the winter.
\"I know the families who look after the park, and I know they look after their equipment,\" he said . \" But he denied that the incident could be hot --related.
He said: \"I estimate that 20,000 inflatable toys have been hired this weekend.
This is extremely rare.
They were shipped to Spain, Argentina-
It\'s not hot weather.
He speculated that one of the beds
It fixes the internal cracks of the unit bed and separates one air chamber from the other --
It may have broken, causing the inner chamber to open to each other, causing the structure to tear or explode.
Joint investigation between health and safety supervisors (HSE)
The Greater Yarmouth municipal council and Norfolk police have begun investigating the circumstances of the incident.
Two weeks ago, 29-year-old playground worker William Thurston and 26-year-old wife Shelby were convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to three years in prison. year-
In March 2016, the old girl in an elastic Castle.
In the hearing of the Chelmsford Royal Court, a gust of wind lifted an unsafe inflatable device from the berth and let it travel 300 m on a mountain in Essex Harlow, Grant in the summer
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