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bouncy castles and inflatables should be banned after slide injured eight children, senior mp says

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
A senior member of parliament said that inflatable castles and inflatable devices should be banned after the slide collapsed and eight children were injured.
Former minister Robert Haverton, Harlow Conservative MP, called on the government to issue a temporary ban until the regulations were updated.
On Saturday night, after eight children fell off the inflatable slide in a fireworks display at warkin Park in Surrey, he intervened.
Seven people have been discharged since then, but one person remains in hospital for observation on Sunday.
However, police said the child\'s injury was \"not considered serious \".
Prior to Mr. Halfon\'s intervention, a series of tragedies involving inflatable rides triggered questions about its safety.
Earlier this year,year-
In norfolk, a young girl died after being dropped from an inflatable trampoline. on 2016, a sevenyear-
In Harlow, the old girl died after an inflatable castle broke free in the wind.
Mr. Halfon told BBC 5 Live: \"I reiterate my urge to the government that they should temporarily ban inflatable and inflatable castles in public places until all the regulations we know are updated.
\"We have had 20 injuries and two unfortunate deaths since 2011.
The time to see it is over.
\"Until we are sure that these things are safe and there is no further concern from parents, the government may ban them for the time being \".
Shortly after Saturday\'s incident and a major incident announced by Surrey Police, the park was evacuated.
One helicopter and several ambulances attended the funeral that evening, and on Sunday, as health and safety supervisor, the playground was still under police cordon (HSE)
Start an investigation.
One witness said he was worried that earlier that night when he saw dozens of children playing on the \"fragile\" slide.
Andy Datson, 23, said he saw as many as 40 children playing on the slide, and he estimated the height of the highest point of the slide to be about 30 feet.
\"We walked through the slide earlier in the evening and said it didn\'t look safe.
\"It looks fragile, to say the least,\" he said . \".
\"There are too many children on it.
It looks like it can\'t hold so many people.
David Munro, Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner, said the incident was \"likely to be worse\" and that inflatable experts would be present at the scene.
He said: \"We will not only focus on the event itself, but also on the events that lead to the event.
\"Is it because of the safety precautions for riding, or is there too many people riding?
Michael Holden of the Woking District Rotary Club, which organized the event, estimated that when the event happened, there were about 5,000 people in the park.
He said: \"We don\'t know what\'s going on yet, but it seems that there are eight children getting off near the top of the slide and landing on the floor next to the slide.
\"We have been using this funfair operator for several years.
We have never had any problems before. [The operator]
As depressed as we are
\"We were very shocked and saddened by the whole thing.
Joe Mercer, secretary-general of the entertainers Association, told the BBC: \"This slide has risen --to-
Date test certificates and insurance documents were provided to the police.
\"Our members are fully cooperative.
Cooperation with the authorities;
No one was arrested.
In a statement released on Sunday, Surrey Police said: \"Last night, after the children fell off the inflatable slide, Woking Park was evacuated and we were pleased to learn that, seven of the eight victims were released overnight.
\"The eighth victim was held for night observation, but his injury was not serious.
\"The survey will now be conducted by the health and safety supervisor.
An HSE spokesman said: \"HSE is aware of the incident and inspectors are supporting the police on site.
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