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lifeguard recalls his own dangerous ride on deadly water slide that killed boy: \'we never stopped\'

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
About 10 years ago. year-
The old Kansas boy was killed on a water slide in 2016, he said, and lifeguard Nathan Campbell personally experienced how dangerous the journey was.
20-year-old Campbell is a lifeguard at the shlitterbarn water park in Kansas City. In the summer, Caleb Schwab was killed on a journey called Verruckt, who told ABC News that in 2015 he was asked to volunteer a trial run at the attraction one morning.
\"Every morning before the park opens, lifeguards test three rides, and the first two of our rides go well,\" Campbell said . \".
But he said there was a problem during the third trial run.
The rubber raft he tied to another lifeguard failed to slow down when he reached the runway --
Outside the 17-bottom poolstory slide.
\"The brakes don\'t work, so we never stop,\" Campbell said . \".
He said the raft hit a concrete wall at the end of the run. off pool.
\"We moved on, hit a wall and turned it over,\" Campbell said . \".
\"I mean, it\'s going very fast.
It\'s not a heavy strike, but it\'s not a soft one either.
\"He told ABC News that the crash had slightly injured his back and did not require treatment, but he was afraid to play again.
ABC News has contacted Schlitterbahn about Campbell\'s allegations but has not responded immediately.
\"No one is following up,\" Campbell said . \".
Jeffrey Henry, 62, on Monday
Owner of Kansas City Schlitterbahn water park on suspicion of a second
Murder, serious beatings and serious child-related incidents occurred on August.
2016, Caleb Schwab died in Verruckt.
John Sculley, Henry\'s business partner, was also charged with the same charges, with Taylor Austin Myers, former director of operations at water park, being charged with manslaughter and many other charges.
Henry made a brief appearance in a court in Cameron County, Texas, where he was arrested on Wednesday.
His lawyer asked the judge to make a guarantee for Henry.
The indictment, which was released on Tuesday, said that Henry and the school designed the water slide without any demonstrable expertise and violated \"almost all aspects\" of industrial safety standards \".
Investigators say a raft Caleb collided with one of a series of metal rings that set the net on a slide to prevent the raft from airborne and beheading the boy.
Two women riding with Caleb were also injured.
One patient had a broken jaw and another had a broken orbital.
According to the indictment, the defendant also sought to conceal evidence from investigators of at least a dozen other incidents in which passengers were injured on Verruckt, resulting in the death of Caleb.
The water slide was opened to the public in July 2014, and it was certified by Guinness World Records as the highest in the world in the same year.
It is alleged that the company\'s emails, memos, blueprints, videos, photos and witness statements indicate that \"the rapid growth in the number of deaths and injuries of this child is foreseeable, also expected results are based on the indictment.
According to the indictment, among many of the alleged water-skiing flaws found by investigators, the braking system appears to be an ongoing problem, which Miles is well aware.
\"In addition to numerous oral reports ,[there were]
21 written staff reports informed Miles that the brake system at Verruckt was in trouble. . .
Written in the indictment.
\"On July 15, 2016, 23 days before [death]Caleb Schwab]
A seasonal manager finally listened to various reports and marked the brake system as an emergency priority level 1 maintenance issue.
\"Before the repair is completed, rides with priority level maintenance issues should not operate,\" the indictment said . \".
\"Miles has the power to close verkt,. . . staff did not.
Miles chose to continue to operate.
\"The brakes were allowed to fail without repair,\" the indictment said . \".
But Schlitterbahn Waterpark objected to the allegations in a statement.
\"The allegations that we operate and fail to maintain may lead to such a tragic accident, beyond the scope of speculation,\" the company said . \".
\"The allegations that we conceal information or change the evidence are completely wrong.
From day one, we operate in good faith at the water park--
As we did at the water park and resort.
We put the safety of our guests and staff first;
\"Safety and maintenance are our top priorities,\" the statement added . \". \". . .
We will actively combat these allegations.
We knew Tyler was innocent. we had a safe operation. -
The 40 years we have hosted millions of people illustrate this.
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