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Native Americans & Columbus Lesson for Kids

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-26
This is the first lesson of a series of 27 lessons covering American history through 1865.This week\'s classes include geography, Native Americans, and Columbus.I used these classes when teaching 45 minutes of history classes for kindergarten children in grades 1st and 2nd.
Each lesson includes biographical reports, history notebook pages, historical songs, our favorite children\'s books, YouTube videos, historical jokes and a wide variety of handsMake each lesson engaging and memorable.Use these Fun lessons in your classroom, home school, after classSchool program or cooperation programop!For each child, you need to bring a 3-week-Rings, glue sticks, scissors and crayons.1.Welcome to the fun classAdventure in American history!2.
Intro: everyone shares their name and what they want to celebrate your birthday (or, more simply, what they like ).Today, we will talk about the birthday of our country, or rather how our country started.First of all, let\'s try to find our country on the map.
Send a map of the world to each child.
Let everyone put their fingers on the Atlantic Ocean and repeat it, Atlantic Ocean.Let everyone put their fingers on the Pacific Ocean and repeat the \"Pacific Ocean \".Let everyone put their fingers in North America and repeat it again, North America.
Let everyone put their fingers on the state [where you live] and repeat your state name.Color the country we live in with one of your crayons.Even though the map is flat, is our world flat?No!This is a sphere/sphere shape like this, but this ball is not easy to put in your binder, is it?That\'s why we use a flat map.
They are easier for us to carry with us.
Here on this Earth, here is the Atlantic Ocean, here is the Pacific Ocean, here is North America, here is the state where you live.For each student (US map printed on the back )-Make sure to use the punch of 3 holes on it so they can put it in their historical binder.4.We live in a country called the United States of America, but before our country existed, many people lived in North America: Native Americans also called American Indians.
Mary and Douglas Gosling5.
Flip the world map to the other side, where there is a map of America.Children should paste photos of deer, long houses, wigwam, bison, tents, puébroo residences and totem poles onto the map to find their general location.When the children paste each picture, remind them of the tribes in the area.
Let every child put their papers in their American history.ring binder.Pictures of each item for kids to paste on the map.Deer: http:/coloringhome.com/white-tailed-deer-coloring-pages-to-Http: // www.
Wigwam: http:/freecoloringpages.
Bison: http: // www.
Tent: https:/chipsofftheoldblock.
Com/2011/11/lets-lapbook-native-american-study.Http:/jenkellerart.blogspot.Com/202_06_01_archive.Totem pole: http:/coloring-style.Net/color/Totem-pole-printables.6..He tries to get to China so that he can get the spices and glitter and spread the word of God.About 1270 Italian men went to China by Marco Polo.
China is pointed out globally.
He brought back delicious spices for the kids to smell the cardamom and cinnamon, as well as sparkling things like jewelry [show necklace].Above all, he is a Christian who wants the Chinese people to hear about Jesus and the Bible [show the Bible].To reach China, it is mainly to walk through the land.
it is a long journey and very dangerous because there are many thieves along the way.After 150, people like Columbus thought that maybe you can take a boat to China and take a boat to China from all over the world.Point on Earth.However, what is on the road?It\'s right here in North and South America!Columbus did not know that.
He thought he had gone to the same place Marco Polo had been...But he is not in China.Do you know where he is?America!7.Every week, a different child will do a 2-A 3 minute speech about the person we were studying for that week.We will hear from Columbus this week.(Because it was the first day of class, I had one of my kids do a class presentation.
Let each child have a Marco Polo spice cookie to remind them of the spices Columbus is looking.Are they delicious?Will you try to travel around the world to get the spices needed for these cookies?.9.Open the binder of your world map.Point to the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, North America and [the state you live in].
Let\'s turn around in the room.
I want each of you to tell me about some of the Native American tribes that you have learned today.Can anyone tell me it was 3 s that prompted Columbus to sail west across the Atlantic Ocean?Can anyone else tell me something about Columbus?10.Take a picture of each student in the glass with a globe (showing North America ).
Then everyone took a photo of the class together.11.Assign the child a biographical report for next week: Pocahontas.(Assigning weekly reports in alphabetical order of the student\'s name is the easiest.
We love the way Charlotte Mason reads Life books and Sarah McKenzie\'s Reading revival, so we spend a lot of time reading quality picture books related to this week\'s historical theme every day.You won\'t want to explore with Marco Polo!Mary D. (Graphic biography)You won\'t want to sail with Columbus!Fiona MacDonaldFun, free hands.
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