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the four basic types of sports tunnels

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-24
When it comes to making a grand entrance on the pitch, nothing can take your team to a new level like a great sports tunnel.
The players were overwhelmed and the fans were crazy.
Not only that, it\'s something that players will remember all their lives.
I still remember that our player introduction was a highlight and we didn\'t even have a tunnel and only had a large piece of paper to browse through.
There are four basic types of inflatable sports tunnels, each with its own use.
There are sports tunnels, football helmets, mascot tunnels and head tunnels.
Four people can impress you and get your team excited about the game.
Let\'s take a deeper look at these four types.
Sports tunnels are your most basic type and are usually the cheapest.
They are made in your team color, ranging in size from your smaller urinating alliance size to the size that fits a Level 1 University team.
Options include the Velcro door with the team logo, the name on both sides of the tunnel, the name above the Velcro door, and the sponsor banner area.
This is the most common tunnel type that can be used in all movements;
The gym can even use smaller sizes.
The inflatable football helmet is a huge replica of the helmet your team uses.
It has an open tunnel at the back and the team goes through the open facemask.
Your team colors, logos and stripes are used on the helmet and the team name can be placed in front of the white panel center above facemask.
To increase the size and effect, the helmet can also be in the tunnel at the back.
The tunnel can also be used separately from the helmet for other sports and gym.
The mascot tunnel is an inflatable mascot attached to the sports tunnel.
Animal mascots are the best and most common.
From Bulldog to yellow jacket, most animals can be made into mascot tunnels.
Mascot can also work;
Knights and pirates are examples.
Mascot tunnels can be used for all sports teams, even inside.
If you want something more unique and different, it could be a good choice.
The head tunnel is usually the shape of the tunnel in the head of the team mascot, and the player will run out of the mouth of the mascot, such as the tiger head tunnel.
These are very impressive, often at the high end of the inflatable sports tunnel.
While this is not necessary, these can also be added with a motion tunnel at the back of the head.
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