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Fun Outdoor Games for Kids

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
Here we recommend some of the most fun outdoor games for kids to play at birthday parties or picnics to make your kids happy and happy.
Every child must take part in sports activities.
Outdoor games and activities are not only good for the body, but also for the healthy and psychological growth of the child.
They are great pressure disruptors, and they also contribute greatly to the socialization of children.
While taking part in outdoor activities, a child learns to compete, interact and be comfortable in the company of his peers.
The ideal location for this game is a country or picnic.
To play the game, divide the children into groups of five or more.
Next, give each group of paper, pencil and color.
Give them a list of what they have to get or learn from in the newspaper.
The list can include items such as yellow leaves, pink flowers, feathers, the heaviest objects around them, smooth stones, any particular bird.
The fastest group to come back with all these things is the winner.
It\'s a fun game to play at a party.
To play the game, guide the children to take off their shoes.
Let them make two piles of shoes, one on the left and the other on the right.
Mark a starting line about 50 feet from these piles and ask the children to stand there.
At the same time, mix together a pile of shoes.
When you whistle, the kids have to run towards both sides, find their shoes, put them on and go back to the starting line.
The winner arrived at the starting line first.
In order to play this game, the children are divided into two pairs, each pair has a pair of eyes.
Let the blindfolded child stand on the starting line while the other is on the finishing line.
As soon as you whistle, the blindfolded child begins to walk/run towards the finish line.
There are obstacles in the form of small stones on the road, and children blindfolded cannot step on.
Their partner must give instructions every time they approach the stone, such as \"take a long step\", \"Go left\" or \"go right \".
If the blindfolded child steps on any stone, he must start the game again.
The child you reach the finish line as quickly as possible is the winner.
Divide the children into two teams.
This game requires balloons of two different colors.
Assign a color to each team.
Next, tie each child\'s four balloons with a ribbon, with two on each arm.
The two balloons should be his own team color, and the two balloons should be the opposite team color.
Play some music the children dance.
As soon as the music stopped, the children had to tie the balloons to the hands of other children while saving themselves.
The team with the most balloons won in a minute.
Simon said that in addition to the games mentioned here, other simple games are Hide-and-seek, Red Light Green Light, Music chairs, balloon throwing, etc.
Through these games, children can learn teamwork, leadership skills and sportsmanship.
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