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how to plan a summer party - inflatable rentals, water slides & outdoor movies

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-25
The school season is coming to an end, which means a fun summer party!
Sometimes planning a party can make many families feel unbearable, thus avoiding throwing them out.
This is not necessarily the case this summer-
The most successful is often the simplest party!
While summer parties are fun, they are also a great way to reconnect with neighbors and school friends to break a summer full of sports, holidays and camps and spend some time celebrating with family.
According to some simple suggestions, such as including inflatable rentals, water slides and outdoor movies in your plan, your party will definitely be easy to succeed.
Plan your party around a particular big
Ticket items such as inflatable obstacle classes to get party-goers excited.
The invitation starts by sending out an invitation in advance.
Let the child make the construction paper invitation card by himself, or be creative and hand deliver the balloon with the invitation card with the preserved cupcake --the-
Date information for icing or hand-
Adventure Park tickets have been made and kids can show them at your party to visit one of the inflatable rentals.
The most important thing is to let people know the date, time and any special instructions needed for the party --
It\'s like wearing a swimsuit!
Not too extravagant food and drinks-
Consider outdoor classics like finger food, pizza and burgers, hot dogs and more.
Remember to make it fun and easy to clean up!
Summer outdoor parties are the perfect time to distribute popsicles for kids and fresh fruits like watermelon or peach.
Another option is the ice cream sundae bar, complete with fixtures such as ice cream, candy ingredients and chocolate sauce, which is a sweet ending for any meal.
Drinks can be as simple as a pitcher of lemonade or a cooler filled with water bottles or soda cans.
Once the food and snacks are planned, consider the entertainment options.
Inflatable rentals are a big hit for kids of all ages and adults can even get involved!
Allow children to slide down the inflatable slide, navigate through the inflatable Handicap course, or test their champion skills in the inflatable boxing ring
The outdoor inflatable rental option is unlimited!
In the evening, after a tired day in the inflatable rental, the party ended with some outdoor movie options.
A screen showing a movie on an inflatable surface is sure to delight the audience.
Set up a viewing area outside, pick from a variety of children\'s movies, as well as classic movie snacks such as popcorn and fudge to end the night.
Provide blankets and lawn chairs for everyone to relax and make sure there are flashlights or outside lights so everyone is safe.
The choice is unlimited when planning a spring party.
Make sure to set up a detailed list to ensure there will be an inflatable rental at the party, pick the movie and prepare food for the day of the party.
After that, sit down, relax and have fun!
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